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Black Tee's
Private Indoor
Golf Facility

Immersive 4K Laser projection lets you play on more than 200 iconic golf courses from around the World! 
Feels amazingly close to the real thing! Our hitting surfaces look and feel like the best fairways you can find anywhere!
TrackMan is the World's  most sophisticated performance-enhancing software and analysis system in the industry.

Exclusive Membership

Black Tee Golf facility is only accessible by our club members and their guests. We only offer a limited number of memberships to ensure a high quality experience.


Our facility offers 2 state-of-the-art TrackMan simulator bays and a spacious lobby area for guests to relax in.

Booking your Tee time in advance using our online booking tool is easy and ensures that you will always fit golf-time into your schedule. The building lobby is kept locked outside of standard business hours to everyone but Black Tee Golf Members.

Top-Tier Technology

The TrackMan Performance Studio helps you train your golf skills with incredible accuracy. It maps your shot’s 3D trajectory in real time, together with all impact and launch data.

With over 30 data points and full ball-flight tracking, you can track performance with complete knowledge and accuracy.

Every little detail is captured with fantastic pinpoint precision. TrackMan has the world's best radar technology and provides amazing detail and accuracy on the club and ball at the point of impact and throughout it's flight!                                                


Fun for the whole Family!

Virtual golf is golf at it's most inclusive! As well as catering to serious players, we have games that are perfect for the whole family and friends. Black Tee Golf has something suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.


Bring the family or friends for entertaining games like Capture the Flag, Wild West Shootout, Jurassic World, Long Drive Competition & Closest to the Flag.

It could be your #1 solution to a rainy day/night or a family outing! Get everyone together for a good time and play.

Request a Free 30 min. Demo
     & Tour of Black Tee Golf

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